Meet Farmer Dave

Born and raised in Indiana, I am a thoroughly converted Wisconsinite, having fallen in love with the Madison area.  I moved up here to work on an organic veggie farm, where I did chickens as a side project for a few years in a row. I couldn't believe how good they tasted.  I'm excited at the prospect of providing high quality, ethically raised chicken to the greater Madison area.

Meet The Farm Hands

It wouldn't be possible to make this happen without the help of some amazing farmer hands:

  • John Binkley: Owner of Equinox Community Farm and landlord for the chickens.
  • Laura Purdy: Resident veterinarian extraordinaire!
  • Kevin Box and Patrick Notthingham: Chicken caretakers in the morning and evening.
  • Jackie Forman: Photographer, editor, and general contractor as needed

Thank you all for your help!