Exciting Changes!!

It’s been a while since the last post. But so many things have been happening here at Smallfolk Farm!

We’ve had an absolute endless amount of rain. The chickens are fine; they have coverings for themselves, their food, and water. But it’s made things difficult for the rest of the plants at Winterfell Acres. Winterfell Acres being the land we rent for hosting the chickens.

But no longer!


As of today, Smallfolk Farm has a PERMANENT address! We couldn’t be more excited to be moving to our new Mount Horeb home. It’s a small farm, but we’re small folk. The dog, the wife, and I will have 8 acres, a farmhouse, and a nice old barn. This property is also a blueberry farm!

That’s right, soon Smallfolk Farm will be not only chickens, but also blueberries!

Exciting times for all of us. We cannot wait to share our bounty with you.